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Accelerating skill mastery through personal learning

When your 4th grader brings home a backpack (or computer) filled with textbooks, it’s a not-so-subtle reminder your child is working their way towards middle school. Every math lesson in 4th grade builds on the next, so helping your child keep up or get ahead is a great investment. Our 4th grade math tutors use your child’s personal learning plan and the coolest digital tools to accelerate your child’s math skill mastery and do what we do best — inspire success!

With our 4th grade math tutoring, your child will learn key math concepts and skills such as:

Addition and Subtraction

  • Add two or more multi-digit numbers with regrouping
  • Subtract multi-digit numbers with regrouping
  • Use estimation strategies for addition and subtraction

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Area, Perimeter and Volume

  • Find the perimeter of a polygon with five or fewer sides
  • Find the area of irregular shapes using square units
  • Find the area of a rectangle by multiplying
  • Find the volume of a figure using cubic units

Explore Area, Perimeter and Volume Tutoring subject



  • Understand the place value and identify the value of each digit for decimals to the hundredths place
  • Read and write decimals to the hundredths place
  • Identify the greater or lesser of two decimals
  • Compare and order decimals to the hundredths place
  • Write the decimal equivalent of a fraction with a denominator of 100
  • Round decimals to the nearest whole number
  • Add and subtract decimals to the hundredths place

Explore Decimals Tutoring subject



  • Write equivalent fractions using pictorial representation
  • Subtract fractions with like denominators
  • Write improper fractions using pictorial representation
  • Add and subtract fractions with like denominators
  • Change improper fractions to mixed numbers
  • Compare and order simple fractions and mixed numbers

Explore Fractions Tutoring subject



  • Identify lines, rays, line segments and planes
  • Identify polygons: triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon and octagon
  • Identify quadrilaterals: square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid and rhombus
  • Identify right, obtuse, and acute angles and label vertex and sides
  • Identify intersecting, parallel and perpendicular lines
  • Identify congruent figures, angles and line segments

Explore Geometry Tutoring subject



  • Construct and interpret line graphs
  • Solve multistep word problems with picture graphs, bar graphs or line graphs

Explore Graphing Tutoring subject


Multiplication and Division

  • Use a rounding strategy for multiplication and division
  • Multiply a multi-digit number by a one-digit number; and a two- or three-digit number by a two-digit number with and without regrouping
  • Divide a two-, three-, or 4-digit number by a one-digit number with or without a remainder; and a two-digit number by a two-digit number with or without a remainder
  • Place zeros accurately in a quotient
  • Use multiplication as a check for division

Explore Multiplication and Division Tutoring subject



  • Identify the place value and value of each digit in numerals through the millions
  • Write numerals in expanded form through the millions
  • Write or match word names to numerals through the millions
  • Identify the greater or lesser of two numbers through the millions
  • Round four- and five-digit numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand or ten thousand
  • Identify the value of Roman numerals using I, V and X

Explore Numbers Tutoring subject



  • The length and weight of an object to the nearest metric and customary measure
  • The capacity of a container using metric and customary measure

Your child also will learn how to read a Fahrenheit or Celsius thermometer to the nearest degree.

Explore Measurement Tutoring subject


Problem Solving

  • Select the appropriate operation and strategy to solve word problems
  • Solve problems using basic graphs, charts and tables
  • Learn how to identify relevant and irrelevant information in a word problem
  • Begin to solve basic, one-step equations
  • Solve problems using a given formula

Explore Problem Solving Tutoring subject


Time and Money

  • Compute and count change up to and including $100.00
  • Round monetary amounts to the nearest $10.00, $100.00, or $1,000.00
  • Determine elapsed clock time using addition and subtraction with no renaming
  • Determine elapsed clock time using any operation with renaming

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Math programs by grade levels

It’s never too early (or late!) to give your child extra confidence in their math skills. We provide tutoring for students in kindergarten through 12th grade so your child can be supported every step of the way.


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