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Inspiring independence one lesson at a time

By the 2nd grade, your child is being asked to be more independent in math problem solving, including calculating with larger numbers. This is a big transition, so you’re right to want to give your child an extra hand. Our 2nd grade math tutors use fun, interactive lessons and adapt to your child’s math skills and pace — so your child stays challenged, but never frustrated. We want to inspire a love of learning in your 2nd grader, so we make sure math tutoring stays fun!

With our 2nd grade math tutoring, your child will learn key math concepts and skills such as:

Addition and Subtraction

  • Demonstrate the associative, commutative and zero property of addition
  • Develop computational fluency in addition and subtraction
  • Add three two-digit numbers, as well as two- and three-digit numbers with no regrouping
  • Subtract two- and three-digit numbers with regrouping, as well as a one-digit number from a two-digit number with regrouping
  • Subtract two two-digit numbers with regrouping as well as two- or three-digit numbers with regrouping

Explore Addition and Subtraction Tutoring subject


Area, Perimeter and Volume

  • Find a perimeter of a figure using units
  • Estimate and verify the area of a figure using square units by counting
  • Develop concept of volume using unit cubes

Explore Area, Perimeter and Volume Tutoring subject



  • For a shaded region representing tenths and/or wholes plus tenths
  • For a shaded region representing hundredths

Our 3rd grade math help also will help your child learn how to:

  • Relate fractions to decimals
  • Add or subtract decimals to the hundredths place with the same number of decimal places

Explore Decimals Tutoring subject



  • Separate regions into parts using halves, thirds and fourths
  • Read, shade and write fractional parts of a region and group

Explore Fractions Tutoring subject



  • Identify figures with line symmetry, characteristics of plane figures (sides and corners) and congruent figures
  • Name solid figures: the cube, cylinder, cone, rectangular prism

Explore Geometry Tutoring subject



  • Collect data and create a bar graph
  • Solve simple word problems based on data from picture and bar graphs

Explore Graphing Tutoring subject


Multiplication and Division

  • Multiplication as repeated addition
  • Multiplication and division using concrete objects and pictorial representation
  • Division facts are related to multiplication facts

Explore Multiplication and Division Tutoring subject



  • Count and write by 3s and 4s
  • Write a numeral in hundreds, tens and ones when given an illustration
  • Read numbers through 999
  • Write numbers in short sequence from any point through 999
  • Write and match word names to numerals to the thousands
  • Understand the concept of equivalence

Our 2nd grade math help also will help your child learn to identify:

  • Odd and even numbers
  • The number and written word for ordinal numbers
  • The value of each digit for numbers through 999
  • The greater or lesser of two numerals from 1 to 999

Explore Numbers Tutoring subject



  • Length using centimeters and inches
  • Capacity using liters, cups and pints
  • Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit

Explore Measurement Tutoring subject


Problem Solving

  • Select the appropriate operation and strategy to solve word problems
  • Solve problems using basic pictures, charts and tables
  • Identify relevant and irrelevant information in a word problem
  • Begin to solve basic, one-step equations

Explore Problem Solving Tutoring subject


Time and Money

  • Identify the value of half-dollar and dollar coins
  • Combine and identify the value of a coin collection up to $5.00
  • Make change to $1.00 by subtraction
  • Tell time to the quarter-hour
  • Identify time relationships including minutes in an hour, hours in a day, days in a week and weeks in a year
  • Tell time to the nearest five minutes

Explore Time and Money Tutoring subject

Math programs by grade levels

It’s never too early (or late!) to give your child extra confidence in their math skills. We provide tutoring for students in kindergarten through 12th grade so your child can be supported every step of the way.


What our parents and students are saying:

“Sylvan has been very supportive with my child’s needs and has greatly improved her grades and confidence.”

Geoff B., Math/Algebra Edge

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