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Build confidence and score higher on the GRE test

The GRE test is your chance to open doors to big opportunities! Turn to our experts to refresh your skills, build your confidence and maximize your scores for grad school.

How can Sylvan’s tutoring services help me prepare for the GRE?

We tailor our GRE test prep to your exact needs. We’ll explore your goals, time frame and skillsets so we can create a short, structured program just for you.

Our expert team of educators will help you:

  • Review concepts in your GRE study guide
  • Complete practice questions
  • Get personalized homework support
  • Refresh specific skills and GRE test-taking strategies

Personalized GRE test strategies based on your strengths and weaknesses

At Sylvan, we’re committed to personalized tutoring that’s designed specifically for you. That means GRE test strategies and study techniques that reflect your strengths and help you where you need it. We know how to support adult learners, no matter what your learning style.

Our GRE test prep is a great option if you want to:

  • Refresh key concepts you learned a while ago, such as algebra or advanced reading comprehension skills
  • Have more structure and support from a study program — no need to tackle a GRE study guide on your own!
  • Get back into education after time away, especially if you’re feeling a little rusty with your skills or are nervous about taking a big test

Start learning GRE test strategies today

GRE test prep is available at select Sylvan centers. Give us a call at (888) 338-2283 or fill out the form to discuss your learning goals.


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