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How does Sylvan Learning work?

Seeing results at Sylvan is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Beginning with our unique learning assessment, we work to understand your child’s needs and then create a learning plan that’s personalized just for them. That leads to better grades and happier kids (and parents)!

Step 1: Complete our Sylvan Insight™ Assessment

Before we can create a personal learning plan for your child, we need to know where they are on their education journey. That’s where our Sylvan Insight™ Assessment comes in. Through a combination of grade-appropriate questions and topics, we can pinpoint your child’s exact academic level.

We typically assess reading, writing and math levels, along with a few additional skills. For younger children, this includes letter recognition, sounds, sight words and basic math facts. For older students, we see how prepared they are to get organized, manage their time, understand themselves as learners and take notes from a variety of sources.

The results of the assessment help us understand where your child’s strengths lie, where help is needed and how they are performing compared to other students in the same grade.

From there, we can begin to develop a personalized learning plan that’s tailored to your child’s exact needs and goals.

Step 2: Get personalized tutoring

Now the fun begins. We offer tutoring by subject and grade level, so we’re ready for whatever your student needs help with. Our curriculum aligns with most school standards, and our local tutors are expert educators who understand today’s teaching methods.

Your child won’t just learn new skills, though. Our goal is to help students grow in confidence and start to enjoy learning. Our tutors know how to engage and motivate students, so they’ll actually want to come to tutoring. And that leads to better grades.

Step 3: See noticeable results

Sylvan students get better report cards and improved test scores. In fact, kids who work with Sylvan tutors see up to three times more academic growth than their peers! That’s because our proven tutoring methods are designed to get real results. We’re so confident in our methods that we guarantee improvement.

Test prep, courses and camps, and more

Sylvan Students

Test Prep

We offer more than Personalized Tutoring. Our test prep programs help teens prepare for the SAT®, ACT® and other major standardized tests. We can help your child build confidence, learn important test-taking tips and get higher scores.


Academic Camps

We also offer courses and camps to help students learn new skills and develop their interests. Whether you’re looking for an academic camp to keep your child engaged with learning over the summer or courses to fuel their interest in STEM, we have options for every student.


With payment plans and programs that fit most budgets, we can help you get the perfect program and support you’re looking for.

Ready to get started?

Give us a call at (888) 338-2283 or fill out the form to discuss your child’s learning goals and schedule our Insight™ Assessment to accurately determine where your child stands academically.


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