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Expert help with upper-level science tutoring

We can help your child achieve a “light-bulb moment” in science class. Our tutoring guides students in grades 9-12 through some of the most common high school science topics.

Our science tutors help students not only make sense of their assignments and prepare for testing, but we’re also experts in breaking down terminology, concepts and mathematics within science so your child truly understands the topic.

Find tutoring by science topic

We offer personalized tutoring support in biology, chemistry and physics to help your child succeed in upper-level science classes. Our science support does not include help with science experiments.

Biology tutoring

Our biology tutors can help your child excel in topics like:

  • Molecules
  • Photosynthesis
  • Ecology
  • And more

students in biology class, girl smiling and raising hand

Chemistry tutoring

Our chemistry tutors prepare your child with foundational chemistry knowledge, including:

  • The periodic table
  • Atomic structure
  • States of matter
  • And more

high school girl doing math on whiteboard at school

Physics tutoring

Our physics tutors help your child learn basic physics principles, such as:

  • Mechanics
  • Fluids
  • Heat
  • Sound
  • And more

Boy working on STEM project

Sylvan Student

What our parents and students are saying:

“My daughter was really struggling with one of her classes (HS science), and as an elementary teacher, I knew getting some foundational work under her belt was necessary. The science work she had to complete was beyond what I teach, so I wanted to get her someone that fully understood and knew the content well. Sylvan was the best decision we ever made! The teacher that helped my daughter helped her to break a few things down and understand them like she never had before. I am so grateful to have a place like this nearby!”

Melissa M.

Get help in science class today!

Science tutoring is available at select Sylvan centers. Give us a call at (888) 338-2283 or fill out the form to discuss your child’s learning goals and schedule our Insight™ Assessment to accurately determine where your child stands academically.


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