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Sylvan makes learning to write fun

Our tutoring makes writing easier and more fun — never overwhelming! By breaking the writing process into small, manageable pieces, our tutors help students think strategically and become more effective writers.

Through our writing tutoring, your child will discover how to apply the six traits of good writing (including correct writing mechanics and grammar). The skills they learn will go far beyond English class! Your child will learn how to analyze writing prompts on tests and follow a clear writing process — even for science, social studies and math assignments! From short answer to more in-depth questions, your child will learn how to master answering questions for all subject areas more clearly.

Whether your child needs help with handwriting or research skills, we’ll tailor our writing program to make sure they succeed in the classroom. We use a mix of traditional “pencil and paper” activities and learning technology so your child can build the digital writing skills they need now and for their future.

Help with writing by grade levels

We offer writing programs from 2nd through 12th grade to help students improve their writing in elementary, middle and high school.

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What our parents and students are saying:

“When we started at Sylvan last summer, my son was over a semester behind in his reading and writing. We are finishing his time with Sylvan, and on his last report card he was on grade level with both his reading and writing. We would not be where we are today without Sylvan.”

Amanda G., Writing

Writing tutoring FAQs

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How do I find a writing tutor near me?

You can visit our locations page and enter your zip code to find a Sylvan near you.

How much do writing tutoring programs cost?

Our writing tutoring typically averages about $45-55 per hour. However, pricing can vary by center, so you should contact your local Sylvan to get an estimate.

Does Sylvan offer tutoring for dysgraphia and other learning differences?

Our tutors can help students with some special needs and learning disabilities, including mild to moderate dysgraphia. We’d love to discuss your child’s unique needs to determine the kind of support we can offer.

Does Sylvan offer any free writing worksheets or resources?

Yes! You can find writing help like worksheets and activities in our free learning resources.

Get help with writing today!!!

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