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Build confidence and get ready for the GED test

You’re ready to take the GED test. We’re ready to help you.

With our GED exam preparation, you can refresh your skills in a supportive and structured environment. Through GED study materials and test-taking tips, our expert tutors will help you feel more confident heading into the test.

What is the GED test?

The General Educational Development test, or GED test, is an exam that indicates you have a high school level of education. It’s designed for people who came close to finishing high school but didn’t complete it. Passing the GED is equivalent to earning a high school diploma.

Personalized GED exam preparation

We’ll help you set up a GED learning program that fits your unique goals and time frame. We’ll tailor the length of the program to your exact needs based on your priorities and skillsets.

Our expert team of educators will help you:

  • Work through GED study materials
  • Complete practice questions (we balance instruction time with practice time to ensure you’ve got skills down)
  • Review essential skills
  • Learn GED test-taking tips

Who should take our GED test prep program?

Whether you’re a teen or an adult learner, we care about your success. We know our students are all different, which is why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to learning. We tailor our lessons to meet your learning style and get you the best results.

Our GED exam preparation is a great option if you:

  • Feel like your skills are rusty
  • Get anxious taking tests
  • Have tried studying on your own and feel overwhelmed
  • Have looked into online programs, but know you’d get more out of a structured, face-to-face program

Begin your GED exam preparation today

GED test prep is available at select Sylvan centers. Give us a call at (888) 338-2283 or fill out the form to discuss your child’s learning goals and schedule our Insight™ Assessment to accurately determine where your child stands academically.


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