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Improve scores on state tests

State tests can make even the most confident student (and parent!) feel nervous. But you and your child can rest easy with our state testing prep. Our tutors are experts at helping kids take standardized tests with confidence.

What is standardized testing?

Standardized tests help measure what a student has learned over the course of the school year. These tests are meant to determine how well a student is performing, and whether they are on track with the state’s standards. They also look at the performance of a school as a whole.

We know there are many questions, so our education experts put together this excellent resource for parents: 11 Things You Should Know About State Testing.

How to prepare for state testing

Multiple choice and open-ended questions can be tricky, and getting tested on a range of skills can feel overwhelming! It doesn’t matter if your child is taking:

  • The California Standards Test (CST)
  • The Florida Standards Assessment (FSA)
  • The Texas STAAR
  • The New York Regents Exams
  • Or your state test

We tailor our state testing prep to your child’s exact needs and struggles, and we’ll ensure you feel in the loop. We’ll share feedback on your child’s progress, so you know exactly how they are doing.

With Sylvan’s state testing prep, your child will:

  • Improve skills and develop effective study techniques
    Our standardized test tutors will help your child target the skill areas that need the most help. We incorporate local curriculum, so there’s a positive impact in class, too.
  • Feel more confident on test day
    No matter how well prepared your child is, some kids just get anxious taking tests. (We get it!) Sylvan will help your child review tested skills and apply strategies to tackle standardized testing with confidence.
  • Feel fully supported and keep frustration down
    We tailor our tutoring sessions to your child’s unique needs, so your child learns in the best way for them. Our tutors are experts at connecting with kids, making learning fun and turning anxiety into confidence.
  • Be more successful on test day and beyond
    Our State Test Prep can make a big impact on scores — and on moving ahead to the next grade.

Start improving your child’s standardized testing scores today

State testing prep is available at select Sylvan centers. Give us a call at (888) 338-2283 or fill out the form to learn more about our current offerings.


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