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Turning math frustration into confidence

6th grade is a time of transition — both exciting and daunting — and we appreciate your desire to make the transition as smooth as possible for your pre-teen. Our 6th grade math tutors use your child’s personal learning plan to turn frustration into confidence. Through Sylvan Insight™, our proven approach to math tutoring, your child will not only learn how to generate the correct answers, but they’ll come to think 6th grade math is cool. (Imagine that!) You’ll feel really good about your investment when you see the results: a happier, more confident 6th grader who is excited to learn!

With our 6th grade math tutoring, your child will learn key math concepts and skills such as:


  • Translate a phrase into numerical or algebraic expression
  • Write an equation to represent a given situation
  • Solve an equation that contains one variable
  • Construct an input-output table from an equation
  • Write an equation from an input-output table
  • Graph points from positive input-output values in a table

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  • Identify similar figures
  • Analyze solid figures and circles
  • Classify polygons by sides and angles, as well as supplementary and complementary angles

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  • Understand the meaning of integers
  • Order a set of integers
  • Identify the greater or lesser of two integers as well as the absolute value of integers
  • Add integers with like and unlike signs as well as several integers together
  • Subtract integers with both a positive and negative integer

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Probability and Statistics

  • Use a tree diagram to determine the number of possible outcomes on an event
  • Determine the probability of independent events
  • Interpret a stem and leaf plot

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Problem Solving

  • Write and solve equations using ratios in word problems
  • Solve one and two step word problems
  • Determine the discount price and sales price
  • Choose and use an appropriate problem-solving strategy

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Addition and Subtraction

  • Multiply and divide multi-digit numbers
  • Use estimation to solve problems involving mixed numbers
  • Add and subtract positive and negative integers
  • Evaluate numerical expressions using the order of operations
  • Solve algebraic equations with one variable using addition and subtraction
  • Select the appropriate unit of measure for length, area, mass and volume
  • Begin to explore concepts of area, perimeter and volume
  • Choose an appropriate strategy for solving one- and two-step word problems

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Math programs by grade levels

It’s never too early (or late!) to give your child extra confidence in their math skills. We provide tutoring for students in kindergarten through 12th grade so your child can be supported every step of the way.


What our parents and students are saying:

“Sylvan has been very supportive with my child’s needs and has greatly improved her grades and confidence.”

Geoff B., Math/Algebra Edge

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