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Kids Love Coming to Sylvan

Our tutoring students get up to two times more growth in their math scores than their peers. (Yes, two times!) Read these reviews and testimonials to see why kids and their parents love coming to Sylvan for Math.

What parents and students are saying about our math help:

"I love the staff and their dedication to making sure my daughter is getting the help she needs to be successful in math. They work with me and my schedule and it means a lot to me. My daughter has more confidence in math and as a whole in regards to school." - Tammy H., Math Essentials
"Sylvan has been wonderful for us! We started a little over a year ago because our oldest daughter was having trouble with reading and in math. When we started, she was six years old and was extremely shy. Since then, she has "come out of her shell" and is so outgoing! She has gone from hating school to loving it and she loves Wednesdays because that is her Sylvan day. We just signed our five-year-old up for Sylvan too, mainly because she heard all of the good things from our seven-year-old and was actually excited and wanted to go too. Thank you, Sylvan, for helping our girls become independent and love learning!" - Caroline S., Math Help
"The staff is very accommodating and goes to extra mile to ensure that my daughter receives the resources she needs to succeed through the tutoring sessions. Sylvan is GREAT. The staff are always friendly and strive for success. Thank you, Sylvan!" - Madison L., Math Essentials
"The tutors taught very well, and were very energetic and engaging. They stayed on topic and didn't rant, making sure that my child understood the lesson before proceeding on to the next step. My child was taught a lot of things that weren't covered by her teachers at school and would love to continue on with Sylvan. Thank you." - Babette H., Geometry
"My son has come leaps and bounds in confidence since going to Sylvan. They have become a huge part of his life, and he loves going. As a parent, I am over the moon thrilled that my son is doing so well and is excited to learn. They have been amazing to both of us." - Johanna C., Math Essentials
"I am very happy with my daughters tutoring so far. She never complains when it is time to have a class. She likes to go and I think she is finally starting to get some confidence back. Which she hasn't had all school year. Thank you." - Jen D., Math School Success
"Sylvan has helped my daughter comprehend math and equations. It has taught her how to accurately calculate them! And it has given her confidence that even though she had fallen behind she can get caught up and can ENJOY math! Cannot say enough wonderful things about this program!" - Dena E., Math Essentials
"We are grateful for the diversity of classes and individual attention that the entire Sylvan staff put into helping both Amartya and Ahana. They have learned so much and look forward to each and every class." - Robindra P., Math Camp: Addition & Subtraction
"The atmosphere is very positive and not judgmental. My daughter is always willing to go, and I never need to convince her to attend. As a parent, I like the fact that there is constant retesting. I can see on paper what benchmarks she's completed and what she still needs to work towards. We are very happy with Sylvan Learning!" - Antonietta C., Math Essentials
"There are always friendly faces to greet me when my child goes to Sylvan. The staff are receptive to my daughter's needs and have a program specifically designed for her. I enjoy the informative emails on upcoming Sylvan events as well as ideas for things I can do at home to help my daughter advance in school." - Jennifer B., Math Essentials
"I like the flexibility we have with the summer schedule, it really helps with vacation time! Erin is very accommodating and attentive to our needs! As always the teachers are great! They make it fun and interesting! As we all know it's not that fun for a teenager to go in the summer months!" - Elizabeth C., Geometry

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