Fun Math Worksheets for Your Fifth Grader!

Enjoy these FREE activity packets of engaging, educational and fun math problems for your fifth grader. These worksheets turn math practice into cool games and will help your child's skills continue to grow as he or she learns advanced concepts!


Comparing Amounts


With these activities, your child will learn fun ways to compare amounts among decimals, fractions and percentages.


Combination and Logic Problems


These worksheets will teach your fifth grader cool ways to determine different combinations.


Data and Probability


Who knew data and probability could be so fun?! Grab a coin, cut out these jellybean pieces and let your child complete these engaging activities to learn probability concepts.


Dividing Fractions


These activity sheets will allow your fifth grader to play code breaker with cool ways to divide fractions.


Multidigit Multiplication


Your child will learn fun ways to multiply between multidigit numbers with these games and puzzles.


Perimeter and Area


These activity sheets will teach your child different ways to determine the perimeter and area of different shapes.