Fun Math Worksheets for Your Third Grader!

Enjoy these FREE activity packets of engaging, educational and fun math problems for your third grader. These worksheets turn math practice into cool games and will help your child's skills continue to grow!


Factors and Multiples


These activity sheets will teach your third grader fun ways to determine factors and multiples of given numbers.


Estimating Sums and Differences


In these activity sheets, your third grader will learn cool ways to estimate sums and differences by rounding to the nearest thousand.




Your child will crack a fun code using his or her measurement skills in these packets.


Liquid Volume


These games and puzzles will teach your third grader exciting ways to determine liquid volume.




These riddles won't solve themselves! Check out these fun ways to multiply different numbers to crack the code.




These worksheets will teach your third grader fun ways to determine temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius!