Sylvan's scoop on what you need to know about "new” math, also referred to as Common Core math, for middle and high school.

You’ve probably asked yourself many times: “Why is my child’s math so different than when I learned it in school?” If you’ve been confused with how the “new” math works, you’re not alone! Students are being deliberately taught a strategies to think of math differently. The new education standards are designed to ensure that when children graduate from high school, they have the skills and knowledge necessary to get into higher education, training or a career field and enjoy life-long success.

We’re here to help you not only uncover why math looks different, but to help you actually understand some of the techniques used in today’s classrooms. Our helpful guides will help break down these new techniques step-by-step!


Graphs of Common Functions


Your child will learn how to form graphs of common functions in these worksheets.


Integer Operations


These exercises will allow your child to add, subtract, multiply and divide positive and negative integers.


Math Reference Sheet


Get excited about math and science with summer temperature-based activities. We’ll help your child not only learn how to read a thermometer but also make one at home. Bring on the hands-on exploration!


Properties of Real Numbers


These properties will help your child solve higher-level math equations.


Trigonometric Unit Circle


It’s trigonometry time! These unit circles will help your high schooler solve trigonometry problems.