Watch Skills and Confidence Soar (Guaranteed!)

If your child is struggling with math and could use math help, take heart: Sylvan delivers results. Our students typically see up to two times more growth in math scores than their peers.

With our intensive math tutoring, your son or daughter will master the skills to get back on track and build confidence and self-esteem. And all of that leads to bigger success in the classroom, during homework time and in life.

With our math tutoring, your son or daughter will:

  • Get the exact attention he or she needs
    Your child will get tutoring that’s personalized to his or her exact needs through our proven, four-step approach called Sylvan Insight™. Our approach not only keeps your child more engaged in learning, but it also accelerates results.
  • Significantly improve his or her math skills
    We’ll use our 40 years of experience helping millions of kids succeed to make sure your child masters skills. We’re so confident your child will improve his or her math skills that we guarantee it.
  • Build confidence and feel fully supported
    We’ll adapt lessons and practice exercises to your child’s skill level and pace, so your child feels challenged, but never frustrated. And our certified math tutors will share instant feedback and use our cool rewards system, so you see bigger smiles and scores.
  • Hone the right skills for school
    Our math curriculum aligns with most school standards, and our math tutors are well versed in today’s teaching methods (so you don’t have to be). You’ll see a direct impact in school and at homework time.

Raise hands up and bring frustration down

You’ll find Personalized Math Tutoring at all our Sylvan centers, and our hourly pricing is very competitive with local tutors. So yes, you can get the best math help for your family!

Hear how Sylvan's teachers have been able to help Riley become more confident in math. 


Hear what other Sylvan families have to say about our Math Tutoring Programs:

"My son has much more confidence and is catching up in math. The tutors are great, and the administrative staff is friendly, helpful and flexible in scheduling. I have already recommended Sylvan to several parents." 
- Kimi F. on Math Essentials

"They take the time to explain more thoroughly the math problems and examples to my son on a more personal level than his school teacher would. He has more time to really understand the problems and different ways to complete them. Sometimes you just need that little extra push or an extra day or two longer on the subject to understand the chapter and that works wonders with him! " 
- Suzanne N. on Math Essentials

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