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Sylvan Is the Best at Math

Why is Sylvan the best at math? Proven results. We’ve got 35+ years of know-how, and the results show. Our students get up to two times more growth in their math scores than their peers.

Here are some other reasons why:

  • No one-size-fits-all math program. Your child isn’t one-dimensional and learning math shouldn’t be either. We offer diverse math programs to make sure your child is learning in the way that works best for him or her.
  • Affordable options. Many of our programs start at just $99. (Seriously!)
  • A partner who will grow with you. Sylvan is right there with you as your child’s academic needs evolve. Math today... Reading, STEM or college prep tomorrow.
  • Quality practice time. Class time isn’t enough to learn concepts. Kids need practice time too. At Sylvan, your child gets hands-on experiences with how math is taught in school. That way, concepts stick, and you don’t have to become an expert. (Cool, right?)

Math Tutoring

No other math tutors deliver results like Sylvan. Our students typically see up to two times more growth in their math scores than their peers. (Yep, two times!) Discover why our personal approach and cool technology make all the difference with math tutoring. Grades 1-12.

Math Skill Practice Program

Developing strong math skills in elementary school is critical to future success! Math Edge helps kids develop the critical math skills for higher-level math. Great for building confidence, catching up and staying ahead. Affordable monthly memberships. Grades 1-6.

Math Homework Help

Sometimes, all your child needs is help with math homework. We’re on it. Our math tutors offer just-as-needed help with tough homework assignments and test preparation. (And our tutors get new math, so you don’t have to!) Affordable and easy to schedule on the fly. Grades 1-12.

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  • Make this School Year Math-tastic!

    Elementary to advanced math, including algebra – Sylvan has just what you need!

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    Want fun this spring and summer break? Sylvan STEM to the rescue!

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  • Spring SAT & ACT:
    Is Your Teen Ready?

    We help boost SAT or ACT scores and confidence! Don’t delay, sign up today!

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