Fun Math Worksheets for Your First Grader!

Enjoy these FREE activity packets of engaging, educational and fun math problems for your first grader. These worksheets turn early math practice into cool games and will help your child's skills grow!


Subtracting Differences From 20


Your first grader will learn fun and creative ways to subtract from 20 with these great number pattern exercises.


Adding Sums to 20


These riddles and number pattern worksheets will teach your first grader exciting ways to add sums of 20.


Counting to 100


It's your first grader's turn to play detective as he or she decodes a super-secret message, while learning to count to 100.


Approximation Estimation


These activity packets will teach your first grader cool ways to estimate different values!


Telling Time in Hours


Your child will learn how to tell time with these engaging games and activity sheets.


Math Coin Values


Your child will put on his or her banker hat with these coin value games and riddles.