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Your 8th grader may want to take it easy, but when it comes to ensuring your teen is on the right path to college success, 8th grade is the new eleventh grade! It’s time to start giving serious thought to your teen’s math skills, classes and scores. Choosing 8th grade math tutoring at Sylvan will give your teenager the confidence to take it to the next level. Our math tutors create a personal connection between your 8th grader and math, so math becomes a fun challenge and 8th grade becomes an exciting springboard for future success.

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With our 8th grade math tutoring, your teen will learn how to:

  • Use the Pythagorean Theorem to calculate the measure of one side of a right triangle when the other two sides are known
  • Identify the relationship between sides and angles of triangles
  • Identify sine, cosine, and tangent
  • Construct congruent triangles

Explore Geometry through the grades.

Probability and Statistics

With our 8th grade math tutoring, your teen will learn how to:

  • Predict outcomes using probability
  • Create and interpret data in a frequency table and histogram
  • Interpret data displayed by a box plot
  • Use data to create a scatter plot and draw conclusions
  • Solve problems involving combinations or permutations

Explore Probability and Statistics through the grades.

Problem Solving

With our 8th grade math tutoring, your teen will learn how to:

  • Calculate unit rates or the unit cost using a proportion
  • Determine compound interest
  • Choose and use an appropriate problem-solving strategy

Explore Problem Solving through the grades.


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