Fun worksheets and activities for grades K-5!

Whether your child is just entering kindergarten or finishing his or her final year of elementary school, our free, vibrant and colorful math worksheet packets will keep his or her mind learning and growing!

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Building a strong foundation in basic math is essential as kindergarteners prepare for more difficult math concepts. Your child will enjoy these colorful and engaging pages, which will help him or her become familiar with basic math concepts! These worksheets cover counting by twos, fives and tens, number patters, learning what even and odd numbers are and more.


1st Grade


Most first graders are learning addition and subtraction strategies for numbers 0-20, as well as sequencing, place value, measurement, telling time and learning the basics of money. Check out the variety of worksheet packets, all jam-packed with math activities to help your first grader practice these concepts in a fun and engaging way.


2nd Grade


Math in second grade builds on the previous year’s lessons and increases in difficulty. Kids in second grade math will learn to write numbers in word form, use tally marks to count by five, read and make graphs, add two- and three-digit numbers, round whole numbers, start estimating and know place value. Download these worksheet packets to help your second grader get better with all these concepts.


3rd Grade


Third grade is a critical time in your child’s education. It’s the year when standardized testing begins and student expectations rise. Third-grade math expects students to know their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division fact families and use them in equations and two-step word problems. We’ve got worksheets to help with that, as well as activities that cover factors and multiples, estimating sums and differences, multiplication, calculating length, liquid volume and temperature and more!


4th Grade


By fourth grade, academics have kicked into high gear and subjects become more sophisticated. Fourth graders are more responsible and beginning to think critically. With these free worksheets, your young learner will tackle adding and subtracting fractions, combination and logic problems, comparing fractions and decimals, data and probability, time word problems, number patterns and riddles.


5th Grade


Success in fifth grade math requires children to make connections between the real world and math concepts to solve problems. Our free math worksheets are full of engaging activities that strengthen young learners' familiarity with mathematical concepts and operations found at this grade. Our math packets will help your child practice comparing amounts, combinations and logic problems, data and probability, dividing fractions, multidigit multiplication and perimeter and area.