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Parents of teenagers know that junior year of high school can be very busy. Academics ramp up, students may take on leadership roles in extracurriculars, many get their first jobs and a whole slew of other personal responsibilities (and fun) tend to pile up.

It may be tempting to push off the SAT® or ACT®, but here are the top 5 reasons your teen should test the spring of their junior year of high school.


  1. Academic readiness.

Junior year is the optimal time to take the tests. By then, most teens have a firm foundation in Geometry and Algebra 2. AND, the concepts are usually still fresh in their minds. Also, by grade 11, your child will already have encountered the rigorous reading passages and developed the higher-level critical thinking skills needed to score well on the tests.


  1. Early decisions and other requirements.

Many colleges and universities have significantly accelerated their decision timelines, pushing many students to submit applications earlier than ever before. Also, for athletes looking for scholarships, many institutions would like to see an SAT or ACT score by the end of junior year to ensure the prospect can meet minimum entrance criteria. The same holds true for certain academic or merit scholarships. Applying with test scores from the spring of junior year can also give students a competitive edge in the college admissions process. Early submission of test scores demonstrates proactive planning and commitment to academic excellence, which can be viewed positively by admissions committees.


  1. The final year of high school is going to be hectic.

You think this year is busy? Get ready to take it up a notch. We’re talking college visits, the whole college application process, essay writing, taking advanced classes, prepping for AP tests, keeping up with sports, extracurriculars and social life… Whew! We get tired just talking about all of it. To finish high school strong, your soon-to-be-senior is going to have A LOT going on. Think of the spring exams as the calm before the storm.


  1. There’s time for improvement.

By taking the exam in junior year, your teen can acquire their scores, compare them to the averages at their top choice schools, and then determine if they need to retake the test. It also gives students ample time—especially during the summer break, if needed— for additional test preparation. Most students take a college admissions exam twice, once in their second semester of junior year, and, if needed, again either in the late summer tests or early in their senior year.


  1. And you just never know.

Waiting until fall of senior year may sound attractive to some teens, but it doesn’t provide any flexibility if your child needs another chance at a score or gets sick on test day. Why risk it? By completing the test at least once by the end of junior year, your teen has something to work with for the admissions process regardless of any unforeseen circumstances.


Need help navigating it all?

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