Fun worksheets and activities for your kindergartener

Enjoy these FREE activity packets, filled with engaging, educational and fun reading exercises for your kindergartener. These worksheets cover early reading concepts and will help your child’s skills grow!




Your child will match the words with the corresponding animal in these fun activities and puzzles.


Beginning Word Games


These worksheets will take your kindergartener through fun word hunts and mazes as they learn new words.




Your child will match words with different shapes in these fun games and activities, while uncovering a mystery picture at the end.


The Body


These fun activity sheets will help your child to match words with different body parts.


What to Wear


Your child can practice his or her reading and spelling skills by unscrambling words and matching them with items of clothing in these fun activity sheets.


Word Endings With -IP


Use these fun word searches and mazes to help your child find the words that end in -IP.


Word Endings With -OP


These activity sheets will teach your child fun ways to track down the words with -OP endings.


Word Endings With -UB


More word ending fun is in store for your child with these word searches and mazes.


Sight Vocabulary Land


This exercise is just like a board game! Your child will pick a new word and follow the steps on the board until he or she makes a sentence with the word.