Fun worksheets and activities for your third, fourth or fifth grader

Enjoy these FREE activity packets of engaging, educational and fun reading exercises for your third, fourth and fifth graders. These worksheets will help your child tackle more advanced vocabulary concepts!


Roots (Grades 3-12)


This guide will introduce your child to roots, which are groups of letters found at the beginning, middle or end of a word.


Grade 3 - Homophones


These exercises will teach your child about homophones: Words with the same pronunciation but different meanings or spellings.


Grade 3 - Synonyms & Antonyms


Your child will dive into synonym and antonym practice with these exciting word exercises.


Grade 4 - Roots


Time for your child to put his or her root knowledge to practice with these engaging activities.


Grade 4 - Synonyms & Antonyms


Your child will get more synonym and antonym practice by filling in the blanks in these fun worksheets.


Grade 5 - Homographs


These activity sheets will introduce your child to homographs, which are words with the same spelling but different meanings.


Grade 5 - Synonyms & Antonyms


More synonym and antonym practice! Your fifth grader will complete fun activities with more advanced synonym and antonym examples.