Fun worksheets and activities for your first or second grader

Enjoy these FREE activity packets of engaging, educational and fun reading exercises for your first and second graders. These worksheets will help your child read more complex sentences to keep his or her skills growing!


Grade 1 - How Do You Feel?


These word exercises will help your child to associate words with different human emotions.


Grade 1 - People


Your child will associate words with different characters and their occupations in these fun activity sheets.


Grade 1 - What Do You See?


These activity sheets will help your child to look at different pictures and associate them with the appropriate adjective.


Grade 1 - Yours, Mine and Ours


Your child will learn about personal pronouns with these fun activity sheets.


Grade 2 - Let’s Eat


These activities will allow your child to match different foods with their descriptions—yum!


Grade 2 - Nature


Your child will match different words with parts of nature in these colorful activity sheets.


Grade 2 - People Actions


These exciting activity sheets will teach your child about different verbs.


Grade 2 - Whole Wide World


Your child will be able to describe different parts of the world with these engaging word exercises.


Sight Vocabulary Land


This exercise is just like a board game! Your child will pick a new word and follow the steps on the board until he or she makes a sentence with the word.