Fun worksheets and activities to introduce your child to prefixes and suffixes

Once your child reaches third grade, he or she will likely start to learn about prefixes and suffixes. A prefix is an affix placed before the stem of a word, and a suffix is an affix placed after the stem of a word. These engaging worksheets will help your child with fun prefix and suffix practice!


Prefixes (Grades 3-12)


Check out this list of different prefixes and their meanings.


Suffixes (Grades 3-12)


Check out this list of different suffixes and their meanings.


Grade 3 - Suffixes


Your child will complete these fun word puzzles while learning about suffixes.


Grade 3 - Prefixes


These engaging puzzles will allow your child to match different prefixes with their corresponding words.


Grade 4 - Suffixes


These activities and puzzles will give your fourth grader more fun practice with suffixes.


Grade 4 - Prefixes


Keep diving into prefix practice with these exciting activity sheets.


Grade 5 - Suffixes


Your child will practice more advanced suffix concepts with these engaging activity sheets.


Grade 5 - Prefixes


These exciting activities will allow your child to practice more advanced prefix concepts.