Fun literacy & phonics practice for kids of all ages

Phonics is an understanding that printed letters represent sounds. It focuses on letter recognition, letter/sound relationships and letter patterns in words. Our phonics worksheets will help your child develop decoding skills that are essential for reading success. We also have other helpful literacy activities and literature study strategies that will help your child succeed!


Decoding Words


This guide will walk your child through steps on how to decode new words they may be unfamiliar with.


Word Families


Words have families too! This chart outlines groups of words that end with the same spelling pattern.


Fun Early Literacy Activities to Do at Home


Check out these fun crafts that you can do with your child at home to practice new literacy concepts.


Literary Elements Guide


This guide will help your child break down the different elements of a story to help him or her become a better reader.


Literature Study Strategies (Elementary)


These tips will help your elementary-school student analyze different parts of a story.


Literature Study Strategies (Middle & High School)


These activities will teach your child more advanced strategies on how to dissect parts of a story.