Fun worksheets and activities for all grade levels

Becoming a good reader takes time, and there are many steps a child must take to grow into a successful reader. Kids must first learn different vocabulary words and how to associate words with definitions, and then they must learn how to comprehend what they are reading. We compiled several engaging worksheets that will help improve your child’s reading skills and introduce them to new concepts!




Our free, colorful vocabulary activity packets will keep your child’s mind learning and growing! From word endings, to verbs, to synonyms and antonyms, these worksheets will teach kids important literature strategies and help them become better readers in no time.


Reading Comprehension


Once your child learns how to read, it is imperative that he or she understands what is being read. These worksheets will provide your child with different strategies for comprehending a piece of text, including a story map, a sequence chart and more!


Prefixes & Suffixes


Many words include prefixes and suffixes, and it’s important for your child to learn about different examples of these words, and how and when they are used. We’ve collected several activities and worksheets that provide different prefix and suffix examples. Your child can practice using engaging games and puzzles!


Literacy & Phonics


Phonics instruction focuses on letter recognition, letter/sound relationships and letter patterns in words. Our phonics worksheets will help your child develop decoding skills that are essential for reading success, and we also have other helpful literacy activities and study strategies!