Randy Way, Sylvan Franchisee in Tri-Cities, WA, Featured on NBC Right Now

by Sylvan Learning | Apr 15, 2020

TRI-CITIES, WA. Now that students are learning from home, a local educator says it's time to teach children to love learning. Randy Way, Executive Director of Sylvan Learning of the Tri-Cities, says you can help kids foster curiosity for education by applying what they are learning at home.                 

Instead of thinking about education as another worksheet or problem to solve, Way suggests finding ways to implement the learning process into everyday life. For example, math problems are often based on real-life scenarios, new vocabulary can be used in conversation, and history can be better understood by watching documentaries.                 

From home science experiments to cooking in the kitchen and even reading on the front lawn, Way says there's no right or wrong way to "cement the learning." According to Way, applying knowledge is most effective when parents find what works for their child.                 

If parents need guidance or creative ideas to apply learning at home, Way recommends contacting their child's teachers and asking for help relating what they are learning to the home setting.

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