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Meet the Sylvan education team

Sylvan students see incredible growth — the proof is in the report cards. Our secret weapon is our gifted education team, who bring their expertise and passion for helping students succeed to Sylvan every day.

Our team has been teaching and writing curriculum for over 50 years combined. We know the differences between what works for a 5-year-old versus what works for an 11-year-old, so learning really clicks for your child.

Emily Levitt

Emily Mitchell, VP of Education

The Sylvan education team is led by our vice president of education, Emily Mitchell.

Emily started as a classroom teacher and holds a BA in Secondary English Education from the University of Maryland and an MS from Towson University. She taught middle school reading and writing in public schools in Maryland.

Emily also worked for over 20 years in curriculum development and education technology. She makes sure the Sylvan education team stays up to date and delivers programs that will help your child learn the different approaches that are expected in class.

What qualifications do our education team members have?

Every Sylvan educator has been a classroom teacher with specific focus in either Mathematics or English Language Arts. We know what’s being asked of your child in school and what kind of skills your child needs to succeed — such as confidence and perseverance. We’ve built those skillsets right into our curriculum.

Our team knows what’s going on across the U.S. and Canada and how to work through changing standards to put the best of all worlds in front of our Sylvan students.

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