New York Sylvan Franchisee Susan Steron Featured on FOX Rochester to Advise Parents on How to Stay on Track While Learning at Home

by Sylvan Learning | Apr 14, 2020

Susan Steron, Sylvan Learning Owner and Director in New York, was featured on FOX Rochester to advise parents on how to keep kids on track with learning while at home.

Tips to Stay on Track With At-Home Schooling


  1. Plan a schedule that works best for your family ahead of time. School doesn't have to get done in the morning if afternoons are better for your family.
  2. Remember to schedule time for lunch and breaks throughout the day!
  3. Remind your middle and high school kids to use their planners to write down individual assignments and include where each assignment can be found (on email, on Google, etc ...).
  4. For younger kids, have them use a white board or dry erase board to write out assignments, and let your child check off assignments as they get completed.

Susan acknowledges that schooling at home is a lot for parents to juggle while working from home and keeping up with their own responsibilities. Susan advises that parents focus on the three core subjects if they're feeling overwhelmed trying to get everything done: Reading, math and writing. 

And, learning doesn't have to be all on screens. Parents can take learning outside by taking a walk, reading outside, practicing vocabulary and spelling words with chalk on their driveway or making up crossword puzzles.

Sylvan is always available to help families if they have any questions or need advice on resources!

Watch the full segment on FOX Rochester here.