Sylvan's VP of Education Emily Levitt Featured on Cheddar to Talk About Keeping Up With Education at Home Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

by Sylvan Learning | Mar 24, 2020

Emily Levitt, Sylvan's VP of Education, was featured on Cheddar to chat about how to keep up with education at home. Emily acknowledges that education should continue at home, but reminds parents that education will not look like it did in school, and that's OK.

At-Home School Tips from Sylvan's VP of Education


  1. Get your kids moving throughout the day. Let your child work for an hour, then take a 15-minute break. Repeat this throughout the day.
  2. Create a distraction-free school area that is quiet and organized.
  3. You don't need a formal lesson to keep your child's brain engaged in learning. Baking cookies can be a math lesson!
  4. Parents can draw up a schedule for each subject and set expectations with their children on when they are going to do work.
  5. For working parents, try to schedule easier subjects your child can be self-sufficient with when parents are working, and schedule tougher subjects for when a parent or adult can be present. 
  6. Kids are going to have a lot of unstructured time right now, so having some structure and enforcing the fact that they will need to complete work is very important.
  7. Do NOT let your kids have play dates with their friends right now.

Watch the full feature on Cheddar here.