Sylvan Learning of Vacaville Featured on Fox40 to Advise on How to Create a Classroom at Home

by Sylvan Learning | Mar 23, 2020

Sylvan of Vacaville's Center Director, Angela Hayes, was featured on FOX40 to give advice to parents about how to create a classroom at home during COVID-19 related closures.

Angela advises creating a routine to keep kids on track, and reminds parents that at-home packets do not need to be all completed in the same day.

At-Home Learning Tips 


  1. Use a clean work space, such as a dining room table.
  2. Keep the work space distraction free.
  3. Put out all the materials your child will need to complete his or her work ahead of time.
  4. Let kids do work they can complete independently while parents are busy with their own at-home work. Then, schedule time later in the day to help with tricky subjects or concepts.
  5. Use rewards to keep your child motivated, whether that's extra TV time or sticker charts.

Check out the full segment on FOX40 here.