Sylvan Learning Announces the Hiring of Chief Revenue Officer George Shipley to Support Franchisee Revenue Growth

by Sylvan Learning | Mar 24, 2018

BALTIMORE, MD— Sylvan Learning, a leading supplemental and enrichment education franchise brand with more than 750 points of presence across the globe, has announced a new executive role with the hiring of George Shipley as Chief Revenue Officer. Shipley will oversee sales activities tied to the company’s marketing campaigns to best serve franchisees and focus on driving franchisee revenue growth.

Shipley has over 12 years of experience in the education industry, with the majority of those years being in the higher education arena with a focus on enrollment growth. He has led several successful sales growth efforts, most recently in his role as Vice President of Marketing and Enrollment at Ponce Health Sciences University.

In this new role for Sylvan Learning, Shipley will look to identify fresh opportunities that will support revenue growth. He will also help determine sales strategy and determine what additional resources are needed to best support franchisees. This will include leveraging the business intelligence group, the contact center and parts of the existing operations support team to create a dynamic and robust sales organization that will be responsible for improving conversion of people contacting Sylvan into Sylvan families. The overarching objective will result in same center revenue growth.

“Our goal is to provide new and existing franchisees with best in breed marketing and student recruitment practices across the system,” said Shipley. “We see an immediate opportunity to improve lead tracking and sales conversion so that we have more insight allowing us to optimize marketing plans more effectively.”

Shipley will help Sylvan through a technology upgrade to the contact center to improve omni channel, speed-to-lead and analytic capabilities by leveraging best-in-class technology in the contact center space. Sylvan went through a six month vetting process to identify the best solutions in the industry to ensure Sylvan is providing the best support possible to franchisees in growing their student base.

“This new role is entirely dedicated to helping Sylvan Learning franchisees grow their businesses, and my metrics of success are focused on franchisee revenue growth and successful business outcomes,” said Shipley. “To me, it’s entirely about the franchisees. They are my internal customers and our department is dedicated to helping them grow their business.”

 “Of course, Sylvan Learning is a well-known brand and a leader in the education space, but what really appealed to me is that the people who work at Sylvan are deeply committed to the product itself and helping kids do better in school,” said Shipley. “Sylvan has been doing this for about 40 years now, so they’re really good at what they do, and the pedagogy model is one of the best in the education industry. Everyone on the executive team is a deep subject matter expert who is passionate about the departments that they run and the people that they support. People love working for this organization, more than I’ve seen at any other company, and they’re very proud of what they’ve done. I wanted to be a part of that culture and hope that I can leverage my experience in the higher ed space to make a difference in the lives of Sylvan students and franchisees across the U.S.”

In 2017, Sylvan Learning began building positive momentum that led to system-wide revenue growth through new marketing initiatives and program offerings. Now, the company is planning to build on that success with Shipley’s initiatives to grow center revenue growth, implement a smooth technology transition at the contact center, and build his internal team focused on converting leads.

“It is important that we continue to evolve as our industry and technology change,” said Sylvan Learning CEO John McAuliffe. “Bringing George on and developing this department will help us in remaining a leader in the space while doing the best we can to increase our franchisees’ student count and revenue.”


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