Audra Berg Shares Advice for How to Finish the School Year Strong on WCIA

by Sylvan Learning | Mar 01, 2018

It's that time of the year when families' schedules are busy and the weather is getting nicer each day! With so much going on, parents may start to wonder how they can best keep their child engaged throughout the remainder of the school year.

Audra Berg, Sylvan Learning of Champaign franchisee, was recently featured on WCIA where she shared some tips for how parents can help their child establish effective routines and finish the school year strong:

  • Set attainable goals. Whether it be a weekly goal, a monthly goal or a event-specific goal, such as getting homework done or doing well on an upcoming test, it's important to break goals down.
  • Maintain a routine. Audra recommends letting kids have a break after school to enjoy the weather, but once the break time is up, it's important to stick to your usual routine for homework, dinner, studying and bedtime.
  • Restock supplies. In order for kids to be successful, they need to have access to adequate supplies and tools. Audra recommends checking your child's school supplies, since by this point in the school year they could be running low.

Watch the full segment, What's Happening: Finish the school year strong, on WCIA 3 News' website.