VP of Education, Emily Levitt, Shares Educational and Fun Valentine's Day Crafts on Fox45 News

by Sylvan Learning | Feb 05, 2018

Sylvan's VP of Education, Emily Levitt, was recently featured on Fox45 News to share several educational Valentine's Day crafts. Parents can help their children get in the holiday spirit with these fun activities that promote learning!

  • Using a box or two of candy hearts, ask your child to sort the candies by color or phrase. This activity in sorting and matching promotes early math skills.
  • In a box of chocolates, there is usually one flavor that is not your child's favorite. Let's say it's coconut. Ask your child to count all the candies in the box, then figure out the probability of if he or she reaches into the box and grabs a candy, how likely is it that he or she will end up with the coconut flavored candy?
  • Valentine's Day is a good opportunity to carefully cut out construction paper heart shapes, and then discuss basic geometry skills, such as symmetry.
  • This holiday is also a good occasion to look at a real heart. You can find a labeled heart online and talk about the different parts and their function.
  • Encourage your child to write a Valentine's Day haiku for someone special, using the 5-7-5 syllable model.

Please watch the full segment, Valentine's Day Crafts, on Fox45 New's website.