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Sylvan of Elk Grove Shares How to Use the Super Bowl as a Fun Learning Opportunity

by Sylvan Learning | Jan 25, 2018

Sylvan of Elk Grove's Franchisee and Center Director, Monica Wolf, was recently featured on KOVR in Sacramento, CA, to share some tips on how to make the Super Bowl a fun, learning occasion. 

There are several ways to practice geography, math, language arts and science leading up to the 52nd Super Bowl, all with a fun, football-themed twist!

  • Geography activities: Print out a blank map of the United States and ask your child to identify where the game is taking place. Can they name the state and city?
  • Math activities: On a map, note where the Super Bowl will be held, and then where the two teams who are playing are coming from. How far does each team have to travel (in miles) to get to the game? If your family was attending, how far (in miles) would you be traveling? Your child can also practice memorizing roman numerals by playing a matching game.
  • Language arts activities: Head to your local library to look up and check out football books. There are many books on football statistics, history and fiction!
  • Science activities: Talk about why a football is shaped the way it is. If you throw a football, how many different ways can it bounce? And why is a football different than a basketball?

Watch the full segment, Use Football to Teach, for more details on these activities on GoodDay's website.