Sylvan of Charleston Shares Tips to Help Your Child Tackle Homework and Succeed This School Year

by Sylvan Learning | Aug 10, 2017

Homework is an essential part of every student's success. But with busy schedules, after-school activities and sports, it's often difficult to keep up with homework assignments. Sylvan Learning of Charleston was recently featured on Fox 11 News to share homework tips for students.

"The homework today does not seem to be getting done is the big thing, and a lot of children don't do their homework,” said Rosemary Peterson, Director of Education at Sylvan Learning of Charleston. “I firmly believe that if the homework is done, the lowest grade that the child will ever get is a C."

To help your child succeed this school year, Sylvan of Charleston suggests these five homework tips:

  1. Set goals – help your child set attainable goals for each class. 
  2. Know your child – children have different learning styles and academic needs. According to the Multiple Intelligences Theory, children learn in at least eight different ways: visually, verbally, physically, mathematically, musically, naturalistically, through group activity or through quiet thinking time.
  3. Create a homework zone – set up an area with study materials like a dictionary, paper and pens. Make sure the area is free from distractions. 
  4. Develop class files – a color-coded file for each class will help separate homework assignments, exams and projects making it easier for your child to refer back to the materials to study for tests. 
  5. Set weekly milestones – setting short timelines on a calendar will help ensure projects and studying aren’t left until the last minute.

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