Fun Math Worksheets for Your Kindergartener!

Enjoy these FREE activity packets of engaging, educational and fun math problems for your kindergartener. These worksheets turn early math practice into cool games and will help your child's skills grow!


Number Patterns


Your child will complete different number patterns with these colorful and vibrant activity sheets.


Counting By Twos


Your child’s counting skills will grow by adding up the cherries, jellybeans, sandwiches and more in these cool worksheets.


Counting By Fives


These activities will teach your kindergartener how to count by fives, with bananas, alien characters and more!


Counting By Tens


Time to count by tens? These worksheets will give your child more practice by counting the grapes, hot dogs and jellybeans. Yum!


More or Less?


These activity sheets will teach your kindergartener fun ways to determine which quantities are more or less.


Even and Odd


Share these fun games with your kindergartener to teach him or her how to distinguish between even and odd quantities.