Free math games and activities to help your child grow math skills and confidence

Who says practicing math has to be boring? We’ve got extra cool activities and ideas your kids can do at home that help them find fun in math in everyday life. We help your child have fun while learning key elementary math and early STEM skills.


Fun Elementary Math Activities to do at Home


Check out these fun math activities you can do with your child at home! Memory matching games, practice with money, LEGO® fractions, chalk number lines and more!


Ways to Make Math More Fun for your Elementary Aged Child


While math might sound fun for some people, others might need some convincing. That’s why we’ve compiled a few easy tips for helping your child get excited about doing math in the context of everyday life.


Do-it-yourself Project: Fun Temperature Activities


Get excited about math and science with summer temperature-based activities. We’ll help your child not only learn how to read a thermometer but also make one at home. Bring on the hands-on exploration!


10 Math Games for Parents and Kids


There are many ways that we can make math engaging and fun for our kids. We’ve compiled a list of easy games for you to play with your children to incorporate math fun into their daily lives.


Exploring Math in Nature


Math exists all around us in the natural world. Here are some fun ways to open your child’s mind and help them see the world around them in a mathematical way.


Creative Ways to Learn Math Using Sports


Summer sports provide compelling real-world opportunities for kids to apply and grow their math skills. Check out these creative ways to help your child learn math through sports. They’ll be handy the next time you’re out on the field!