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Sylvan Tutors Are Just a Click Away

With Sylvan’s online tutoring program, your child can get the perks of Sylvan tutoring without having to leave the comfort of home — a great solution if you live outside a Sylvan area! Our online tutors for reading and math are the same dedicated teachers you’ll find at our Sylvan centers, and they’re available for your child on a schedule that fits your needs.

To explore online tutoring, call 1-888-EDUCATE. (And high five to you for taking a great first step for your child!)

How online tutoring works

Every online tutoring session is live through the computer. Your child and his or her tutor work together in real time, talking to each other throughout the session. This allows your child to ask questions and get instant feedback and encouragement.

Set up is easy too. All you need is a PC with Windows, a headset with built-in microphone and a high-speed internet connection.

How does Sylvan online tutoring compare with Sylvan centers?

Our online tutoring program inspires the same great results as our Sylvan centers — from progress in school, to greater self-confidence, to the high-fives that come with learning success. Using Sylvan Insight™ — the proven, four-step approach that our centers use — our online tutors take the time to assess your child’s needs, develop a personal learning plan just for your child, and motivate and inspire your child to better results.

For kids, online tutoring is just out and out cool. Interactive lessons let our tutors guide, encourage and share instant feedback with your child in a way that’s personal and fun. 

Advantages to online tutoring

  • Easy scheduling. Making time for your child’s education is a priority, but sometimes you can’t fit everything into a day! Online tutoring makes scheduling easier because there’s no drive time involved.
  • An extra personal approach. Our online tutors are experts in making personal connections and motivating kids over the computer, offering one-on-one attention that’s just right for your child. 
  • Private tutoring. If you have a teenager who’s hesitant to get tutoring help, online tutoring allows your teen (or any adult learner in your family) to learn in the privacy of home. Your teen can build skills, ask questions and master concepts at his or her own pace and style — without embarrassment.

What to expect from our online tutoring program

Sylvan’s online tutors will:

  • Develop a custom learning plan for your child in reading or math (including algebra).
  • Engage your child in real time with a personal approach, allowing your child to ask questions and get instant feedback and encouragement. 
  • Adapt lessons to your child’s skill level and pace, keeping your child engaged.
  • Motivate and recognize your child for every skill learned, building his or her confidence. 
  • Update you on your child’s progress, so you feel confident your child is learning just what he or she needs to know to be successful — both in the classroom and beyond. 
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