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Why Sylvan Tutoring Is So Effective

We know you want what’s best for your child, and Sylvan’s tutoring programs deliver. Our students typically see up to three times more growth in their math and reading scores than other students.

So what’s our secret? When you choose Sylvan for tutoring, you get the best in teaching and technology — from expert tutors who lead interactive lessons on iPads® (so cool!), to our innovative assessment and personal learning plans, which help your child stay engaged and achieve success quickly. It’s no wonder kids love coming to Sylvan for tutoring!

  • Math Tutoring

    Who knew math tutoring could be so fun? Our math tutors break down key math concepts for your child using an iPad® as a teaching tool. Through interactive lessons, personal instruction from our tutors and a fun motivational system, your child will discover confidence, as well as math comprehension.
  • Reading Tutoring

    Our reading tutors take the frustration out of reading — from decoding in kindergarten to Shakespeare in high school. Our tutors combine the latest teaching methods with interactive technology to help your child master basic skills and improve reading comprehension.
  • Writing Tutoring

    The ability to write well is essential for many careers — not to mention, getting into college. Whether your child is in first grade or twelfth grade, our tutors can improve your child’s writing skills, build his or her confidence, and turn writing into a real strength. You’ll see the results far beyond English class.
  • Homework Help

    As homework assignments get tougher (hello, algebra), you may be wondering, “How can I better help my child?” The answer is simple. Call Sylvan for just-in-time, just-as-needed homework tutoring. Using today’s teaching methods, our tutors can give your child the focused attention he or she needs.
  • Summer Means Fun and Learning!

    Looking for fun ways to keep your child engaged and learning over the summer?

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  • Get an Edge with STEM

    Keep kids engaged with hands on innovative after-school STEM programs at Sylvan!

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  • Get Ready for the ACT or SAT

    Ace the big test with a Sylvan Prep Free Practice Test! Our programs get you ready!

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