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Our Tutors Give Your Child a Boost

If the idea of “tutoring programs” conjures up images of stodgy tutors pushing children through repetitive drills, kiss that idea good-bye! Kids love coming to Sylvan for our tutoring programs — and yours will too.

It’s natural for children to be strong in some topics, but need extra help in others. Through our range of tutoring programs, Sylvan can assist your child with the help he or she needs the most. Discover which of our tutoring programs make the most sense for your family.

You'll see results in school

Our tutoring curriculum aligns with state testing standards and Common Core standards. While our focus is on helping your child build life-long skills and confidence, you’ll see a positive impact in school.

It’s no wonder Sylvan is trusted and used by schools across the country!

  • Math Tutoring

    Who knew math tutoring could be so fun? Our math tutors break down key math concepts for your child using an iPad® as a teaching tool. Through interactive lessons, personal instruction from our tutors and a fun motivational system, your child will discover confidence, as well as math comprehension.
  • Reading Tutoring

    Our reading tutors take the frustration out of reading — from decoding in kindergarten to Shakespeare in high school. Our tutors combine the latest teaching methods with interactive technology to help your child master basic skills and improve reading comprehension.
  • Writing Tutoring

    The ability to write well is essential for many careers — not to mention, getting into college. Whether your child is in first grade or twelfth grade, our tutors can improve your child’s writing skills, build his or her confidence, and turn writing into a real strength. You’ll see the results far beyond English class.
  • State Test Prep

    Taking state tests can get the hearts beating and palms sweating for kids of all skill levels! With our test prep tutoring programs, our tutors help kids learn strategies and study techniques to approach these high-stake tests with confidence, minimize stress and improve their results.
  • Study Skills

    Have you noticed that school assignments and expectations seem to increase exponentially every school year? Our study skills program can give your child the strategies to tackle tougher homework assignments, bigger workloads and higher-level classes with greater ease.
  • Homework Help

    As homework assignments get tougher (hello, algebra), you may be wondering, “How can I better help my child?” The answer is simple. Call Sylvan for just-in-time, just-as-needed homework tutoring. Using today’s teaching methods, our tutors can give your child the focused attention he or she needs.
  • Summer Camps

    Our summer camp tutoring programs are a great way to help your child avoid summer learning loss and start the new school year with confidence. We have programs for kindergarteners up through high school students, spanning topics across reading and writing, math, and study skills.
  • Online Tutoring

    With Sylvan Online, your child can enjoy the same programs and dedicated tutors from our centers — all through real-time tutoring sessions on the computer. It’s a win for you and your child: no drive time, flexible scheduling and better results.

Find a Program

You want what’s best for your child, and so when you look for a tutoring program, of course you also want the very best. At Sylvan, we believe education is the most important investment a parent can make, so you can trust that you’re making the right choice for your family.

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