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Kindergarten girl standing in library smiling holding a book

Creating a strong foundation in reading

Kindergartners are curious about the world, and learning to read is a great way to celebrate their enthusiasm. Like you, we believe that getting a good start on basic reading skills — from recognizing letters, to identifying sounds, to learning to read words — can grow your child’s confidence, nurture his or her sense of wonder, and build a strong foundation for reading in elementary school. Get your child off to a wonderful start in school with kindergarten reading tutoring!

In our kindergarten reading tutoring program, your child will learn to:

  • Recognize and name all uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet
  • Continue to build phonemic awareness
  • Identify sounds associated with letters
  • Track words from left to right on a page
  • Build sight vocabulary and word recognition
  • Read simple one-syllable words
  • Predict outcomes and ask and answer questions about a story

Reading tutoring by grade levels

Our reading programs offer instruction in common topics like phonics and reading comprehension to help your student gain confidence in reading. (Watch them succeed in all subject areas!)


Our parents and students who love their results:

“The teachers here truly care about what they do. My son has truly developed a love for reading that he didn’t have before. He has confidence and all the tools he needs to be successful for the upcoming school year.”

Lakesha W.

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