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Kids Love Coming to Sylvan

We personalize reading tutoring to each child, giving kids the personal attention — and confidence — they need to thrive. Determine if Sylvan is a right fit for your family by hearing from other Sylvan parents and students.

What parents and students are saying about our reading help:

"The atmosphere and people are amazing. My child has gone further than expected with Sylvan, and his confidence level is unbelievable. Not only did he learn how to read on his own, he is no longer shy because he is now confident in himself." - Crystal B., Academic Reading
"My son started to show improvement within the first 2 weeks of Sylvan! I love them so much for the confidence that my son now has in reading. We still have a ways to go, but he'll get there, I have no doubt! My only regret is not doing this sooner!" - Kristy U., Beginning Reading
"Very nice and very professional. You can tell that they really care about the kids learning new skills and following up on their progress. Next summer I will definitely be back to enroll not just one, but both of my daughters. I know that it will be well worth it." - Roxanne H., Academic Reading
"My kids are enhancing their reading skills and having fun in the process; friendly, professional staff." - Stephanie A., Enhanced Reading Skills
"I like the caring nature of the staff at Sylvan. They treat each child as family. They also work with the parents' schedules. My grandson never complains about going to class at Sylvan and his progress has been better than I expected. Thank you, Sylvan!" - Julie J., Academic Reading
"My son's desire to learn was brought back after the weeks of summer took their toll. He is incredibly confident in his ability to learn and has entered Grade One much more competent in his reading than he left." - Julia M., 1st Grade Reading
"Everyone was so kind and really took their time with my daughter! The reward system is also a great way to get the kids more involved with learning and made it fun. She loves going everyday which let me know they were doing an awesome job!" - Tracy B., Beginning Reading
"I love how friendly all the staff are at Sylvan. My son and I are always greeted with a smile. My son has gained confidence in himself since starting there and looks forward to returning every week. Anytime I have a question about how he is doing a staff member always sits down and reviews his progress/work with me. I would highly recommend Sylvan to anyone who has a child with learning challenges or one who needs a confidence boost in their academic studies." - Twila M., Academic Reading

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