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Increase scores (and confidence!) with SAT Prep courses

Unlike most SAT prep programs, Sylvan offers a balanced approach to our SAT prep courses. Our proven mix includes teacher-led instruction (available in-center or via live, online sessions), independent practice, a robust website with resources, thousands of video tutorials and multiple SAT practice tests.

This comprehensive approach ensures that your teen learns strategies for tackling every type of exam question (including the essay portion of the SAT). Plus, they can focus on the specific skill areas that need improvement.


What does the Sylvan SAT preparation program offer?

With Sylvan’s SAT training, your teen can take full advantage of:

  • Guidance from expert SAT tutors who know the college/university entrance exam inside and out
  • A personalized, online lesson path for extra instruction and practice to improve the skills that need the most help
  • Flexible in-person or online hours to fit your student’s busy schedule

Study plans designed for your teen

Students start with a Sylvan Prep SAT practice test, which generates a score report that will help us identify areas for improvement and personalize their lessons. This in-depth test report summary includes:

  • Individual and combined section scores for Reading and Writing and Math on the 200-800 scale
  • Total composite score on the 400-1600 scale
  • Breakdown of question-level performance showing the correct answer, your teen’s answer, and whether they got the question correct, incorrect or skipped it
  • SAT Cross-Test Analysis, which shows how well your teen uses skills to analyze texts and solve problems in History/Social Studies and Science
  • Digital SAT Sub-score Analysis shows how your teen performed in each section of the test, including the total correct and incorrect answers and the percentage of possible raw points
  • Section-level analysis, including total items correct, incorrect, blank, raw points and percentage of possible points

Prep anywhere with online SAT Prep tools

With Sylvan’s SAT Prep, you also get Sylvan Prep Online — our personalized online learning environment. This gives your teen 24/7 access to:

  • Thousands of detailed video lessons on how to approach SAT test questions, so there aren’t any surprises on test day
  • Subject-specific video lessons to help improve the biggest areas of need
  • vocabulary-building tool to conquer the extensive reading required on the SAT
  • Tons of short quizzes so teens can get even more practice with questions similar to what they’ll see on the SAT
  • Full-length, timed practice tests to prepare for the pace and format of the SAT (including the new digital SAT) and build confidence for test day

Sylvan SAT Test Prep FAQs

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How long does it take to prepare for the SAT?

Our most popular SAT Prep courses usually take 30 hours and run 8 weeks prior to SAT test dates. Depending on your teen’s goals and current strengths and weaknesses, the course may be longer or shorter.

What is the average cost of SAT Prep courses?

Typically, SAT Prep courses average around $999. However, each of our Sylvan centers is locally owned and operated, so pricing varies slightly by center. Contact a Sylvan near you for up-to-date pricing.

Are SAT Prep courses offered online?

Yes! Many local Sylvans offer in-person SAT Prep classes as well as live, online sessions.

How effective is Sylvan SAT training for improving test scores?

We’re confident that our expert tutors, combined with the hours of additional prep materials available to your teen through our online learning portal, will help raise their test scores. But don’t just take our word for it! Hear from parents who have seen amazing results with Sylvan’s SAT Prep.


Have questions about the SAT? Here’s some general information to help you and your teen feel more confident about taking the test.

How is the SAT structured?

The SAT is a 3-hour test made up of three components: Evidence-Based Reading , Evidence-Based Writing and Math.

How is the SAT scored?

When the College Board scores your teen’s SAT, they will provide the following information to your student and the colleges/universities they apply to:

  • Total scale, ranging from 400 to 1600
  • 2 section scores, ranging from 200 to 800
    • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing test (combined)
    • Math test
  • 3 test scores, ranging from 10 to 40
    • Reading
    • Writing and Language
    • Math
  • 2 cross-test scores, ranging from 10 to 40
    • Analysis in Science
    • Analysis in History/Social Studies
  • 7 sub-scores, ranging from 1 to 15

What’s the best way to prepare for the SAT?

Prep courses like the ones we offer are a great way to prepare for testing and improve scores. But there are other ways to make sure your teen is ready to do their best!

Here are some great tips for preparing for and taking the SATs.

Before the test:

  • Start studying early: Set up a study schedule months in advance to eliminate the need for cramming.
  • Take practice tests: Taking multiple practice tests will make students feel more comfortable with the testing experience and remove much of the mystery involved with college/university entrance exams.
  • Sleep and eat: Studies have found that stress is elevated by fatigue. Be sure that your teen gets plenty of uninterrupted sleep in the nights prior to the test day. And, since the SAT is generally offered in the morning, it’s important to eat a good, healthy breakfast before the test. This will keep students energized for a long day and help them stay focused and alert.
  • Come early and prepared: Make sure your teen is at the test site early and has all of their testing supplies. Plan bathroom breaks for before the test starts and during breaks in testing. Being late or missing materials will cause unnecessary stress.

During the test:

  • Use process of elimination: If your teen is having trouble with a question, the best strategy is to get rid of any answer choices they feel can’t be correct and make a guess from the remaining answers.
  • Never leave an answer blank: If your student can’t eliminate any of the answer choices, or if they feel it would take too long to answer the question, make a random guess — it can’t hurt!
  • Keep going: The items on the test include a range of difficulties, and they appear in a mixed order. If your teen finds one type of question challenging, they should mark it and come back.
  • Watch out for the dreaded “I’m one off” syndrome: Make sure students periodically check their answer sheets to make sure they have not misplaced an answer.
  • Mark it up: Marking up questions helps teens focus on key parts of the question or eliminate answer choices as they work. Marking up the booklet will not only improve both their understanding of questions and concentration on the day of the test, it will also help them manage their time efficiently.
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Hear what other Sylvan families say about our Prep

“My son Isaiah, after two tries, had an SAT score of 930. After just six sessions he brought his score up to 1060!! 130-point improvement! Thank you so much, Sylvan!”

Virgil C.
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Hear what other Sylvan families say about our Prep

“Sylvan prepared my daughter to take the ACT and SAT, and she got in to every college she applied to!”

Faye P.

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