Building Skills for High School and Beyond

9th grade is a year in which every reading assignment, every score and every test starts to carry weight, particularly if you’re looking ahead to college. And while those results are important, you also want your teen to be confident, self-motivated and excited to learn — traits for long-term success! Our 9th grade reading tutors partner with you to help your teen excel at all levels.

By creating a personal learning plan just for your teen, focusing on advanced reading strategies and providing ongoing motivation, our 9th grade reading tutors help your teen build his or her skills and confidence. Soon, your teen will be able to handle larger, more complex workloads and difficult texts. Your teen will grow and thrive before your eyes.

Advanced reading strategies

With 9th grade reading tutoring, your teen will learn to:

  • Develop the ability to comprehend difficult texts
  • Use strategies to decode unfamiliar words
  • Understand and interpret the meaning of new words
  • Anticipate how information in a text will need to be utilized
  • Analyze literature