Discovering Lifelong Strategies for Success

10th graders want to juggle everything — friends, family, hobbies, friends, sports, classes, friends, college dreams and more. You just want to be sure that when your teenager needs reading help (not that he or she would ask for it), your teen can get it. That’s where Sylvan comes in.

Our 10th grade reading tutors work with your teenager on advanced reading strategies, such as reading comprehension skills, how to analyze complex texts and how to express ideas in their best form. With our expert reading help, your teen will gain lifelong strategies for navigating the written word and taking on tougher assignments.

Advanced reading strategies

With 10th grade reading tutoring, your teen will learn to:

  • Develop the ability to comprehend difficult texts
  • Use strategies to decode unfamiliar words
  • Understand and interpret the meaning of new words
  • Anticipate how information in a text will need to be utilized
  • Analyze literature