Reading tips and strategies for children of all ages.

We want to keep your child’s reading skills growing in new and creative ways. Sylvan’s reading enrichment articles and tips will give you tons of cool ideas and strategies to help your child grow, learn new skills and become a confident reader.


Sylvan Reading Adventures with Random House Children’s Books


Get book recommendations each month for kids of all ages, as well as engaging puzzles, word scrambles and other activities.


8 Ways to Make Reading Enjoyable


If your child doesn’t enjoy reading, we’ve put together some ideas to make reading a more fun and positive experience!


10 Tips for Practicing Diction with Kids


Check out these 10 tips on how you can practice diction skills with your child.


Tips for Studying Vocabulary


These tips will teach your child different strategies for memorizing vocabulary words when reading.


11 Tips for Enhancing Vocabulary


Check out these fun vocabulary tips to help your child grow his or her word skills.


Let Your Child Read to You


These activity sheets will teach your kindergartener fun ways to determine which quantities are more or less.


Think Outside the Chapters


We’ve put together ideas to get your child reading more, and for longer periods of time.


Summer Reading List for Grades K-8


Our partners at Random House Children’s Books have put together a summer reading list of 14 books for Grades K-8!