College Prep Programs

Opening Doors to Bigger Opportunities

College admissions are more competitive than ever. The good news? Preparing your teen for college is one of the best decisions you can make. Our college prep programs lead to real results on college tests and in advanced courses — a competitive edge that can open doors to big opportunities.

How we prepare your teen for college

Are you thinking small-town college or urban university? Hometown school or international study abroad program? Choosing a college is personal! We ask, why should college preparation be any different?

To better prepare your son or daughter for college, we create a personal learning plan, just for him or her. Depending on your teen’s needs, we may focus on strengthening his or her test-taking skills, refreshing math and verbal skills, offering courses for credit, or developing your teen’s writing skills so he or she can create a compelling college essay.

Our college prep tutors understand how competitive it is for today’s high school students to get into great colleges, so we make every lesson count.

What to expect from our college preparation programs

Sylvan will:

  • Personalize a college prep program to your teenager’s needs.
  • Tailor lessons to your teenager’s skill level and pace, so college preparation is empowering, rather than frustrating.
  • Motivate with instant feedback and recognition for every skill learned.
  • Offer flexible scheduling options, so help is available when your teen needs it.

Examples of our college prep programs

SAT® Prep and ACT® Prep 1,2

With Sylvan’s SAT prep and ACT prep programs, your teen builds the test-taking skills and confidence to score higher on test day.

College Prep Writing

More than 50 percent of first-year college students can’t write papers that are relatively free of language errors.3  We help your teen build the college-level writing skills needed to succeed!

College Prep Math1

Research shows only 40 percent of high school grads who completed less than Algebra 2 felt prepared for college.4 Our college prep tutors can boost your teenager’s math skills in Algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus and integrated math.

College Reading Prep (Advanced Reading)

Our college prep tutors teach strategies and techniques to improve your teen’s reading rate, strengthen his or her reading skills at study time, and boost test and college entrance exam scores.

Study Skills

Understanding what to study and how to study are crucial to your teenager’s success now and in college. Our tutors teach your teen valuable strategies in time management, organization, note taking and test taking.

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