Your Child Is Unique.

With Sylvan, You’ll Get Personalized Tutoring to Match.

If you’re like most Sylvan families, you don’t believe that education should be “one size fits all.” You want learning to be personalized to your child’s talents and needs.

At Sylvan, it is.

You’ll find the right program for exactly where your child is in the educational journey — whether you want help catching up, honing skills, taking on advanced classes or getting ready for big college dreams.


When You Choose Sylvan, You Can Expect:

  • Exactly-what-you-need tutoring with a personalized program tailored to your child’s individual needs.
  • Confident smiles and hands waaaay up as our talented teachers engage your child in the fun of learning.
  • That sense of calm (yes, calm!) that comes with easy scheduling and affordable hourly rates.
  • Skill mastery and significant growth – all backed by our Personalized Tutoring Guarantee.
  • Happier dinner times and better sleep as you get your family time back.
  • Ultimate flexibility with our in-person support OR live, online tutoring sessions.

And did we mention the results?
Scroll on!

Sylvan Students See Up to 3x More Academic Growth

Sylvan students see two-times faster growth in math and three-times faster growth in reading.

According to independent research, students in our Personalized Tutoring Programs achieve up to 3x more growth in their math and reading scores than their peers. And, they achieve that growth faster than with just school alone.

So in a short time, your child will be ready to catch up, to keep up and maybe even get ahead of the class!

Private tutors and other tutoring companies just can’t match that.

But success extends far beyond right answers and incredible test results. It’s the smile on your son’s face when he reads aloud for the first time. (Goose bumps!) It’s watching your daughter light up when that tricky algebra problem finally clicks.

You’re creating momentum for the future.

ready to choose Sylvan?
Sylvan students see two-times faster growth in math and three-times faster growth in reading.

You Want Results. Our Proven Method Guarantees Them!

Learn more about our guarantee.

The Sylvan Method™ is our proven methodology that’s based on academic research, 40+ years of proven teaching experience and leading-edge technology.

It blends the best in teaching with the best in technology, so your child is fully engaged and growing.

Other tutoring companies have tried to imitate it, but there is no equal. It includes:

  • Our one-of-a-kind Sylvan Insight™ Assessment to give you a deeper understanding of your child’s individual needs.
  • A personal and adaptive learning plan created just for your child to get the best results and to grow skills quickly.
  • Our Sylvan-certified teachers are experts at challenging and inspiring your child. You’ll love that your child is getting the best in educational methods from those who love to teach.
  • Curriculum that aligns with state and provincial standards, so what your son or daughter is learning at Sylvan will make a big difference in school!
  • Results, results, results. We measure your child’s progress with each lesson, keep you involved and collaborate with their school to ensure progress.

Sylvan Has Worked for 4 Million Families.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

Sylvan made my son more confident and willing to learn. No more crying every morning before school and he is acing his spelling test and wanting to read his library books. I am so amazed! This was the best thing we could have done for him!

Melisa H.

The program did exactly what was explained it would provide and the benefits showed in our son's ACT score. He improved from a 24 to a 30!

Matt L.

Our son was really struggling in Algebra and was missing fundamental concepts. Sylvan was terrific in providing the guidance, support and encouragement he needed for his success.

Tracy D.

My son's SAT score went up 190 points after only the first 6 sessions. It is easy to schedule and everyone is knowledgeable & friendly.

Valerie H.

We noticed a newfound confidence in our daughter after a short time with Sylvan. She went from almost failing classes last year to making straight A's. The communication has be amazing.

Jessica K.


Frequently Asked Questions About Sylvan Learning

Our hourly tutoring and monthly package pricing is comparable to other tutoring companies and private tutors. (They just may not lay out the price with you up front like we do!) Each of our Sylvan centers is locally owned and operated, so pricing varies slightly by location.

We've got you covered! Your locally owned Sylvan center offers online tutoring sessions that are just like our in-center experience. You'll get the same teachers, same engaging lessons and the same personalized approach, just from the comfort of your home.

From math to homework help, reading to coding classes, Sylvan has you covered. You’ll get the best of Sylvan’s national education expertise paired with a local team that knows your schools and understands your curriculum so that you see a direct impact in class.

When it comes to personalized learning, no one gets results like Sylvan. Learn how Sylvan is a grade above the rest.


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