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Reviews and Testimonials about SAT and ACT Prep at Sylvan

Kids Love Coming to Sylvan

Looking for help with test prep but not sure where to start? Read these reviews and testimonials on Sylvan's SAT and ACT prep to see why kids and their parents love coming to Sylvan.

What our parents and students are saying about our test prep:

"My daughter just started going to Sylvan and already has so much more confidence, enjoys her school work, and loves going to ACT prep class. She comes home and tells me and my husband how nice and helpful everyone is. She loves the teaching style and feels like someone really cares about how she is doing and helping her get to her goals." - Lisa M., ACT Prep
"They took the time to identify my child's areas of weakness and target those issues. Also, as for scheduling, they have been very accommodating. My son is showing great improvement and increased confidence." - Jennifer W., SAT Prep
"Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. The tutors who work with Cameron take the time to get to know him and help him learn in a way that makes sense to him. They are respectful to him and his learning style and needs. Lauren is always very approachable, helpful, and supportive. She is very flexible and helps me to build the best learning plan for Cameron that is within our budget." - Averill C., State Test Prep
"The staff at Sylvan Learning tailor-made a program pinpointing the needs of both of my kids. Not only have my boys learned new writing strategies, they have enjoyed learning in the friendly atmosphere at Sylvan. My kids will return to school in the fall, confident in their abilities. I would highly recommend Sylvan to all families, as they cater to every child's needs." - Michael B., ACT Prep
"Sylvan SAT boot camp gave my daughter a big boost in her test taking skills and confidence. She received excellent personalized instruction. I will definitely continue to recommend Sylvan, and I'm very grateful to my friend who referred me!" - Valerie M., SAT Prep Seminar
"Love Sylvan services!! No hassles! Sylvan actually LISTENED and DID what I requested for my child! Price was reasonable and my son improved 5 points on ACT in 5 weeks! We are extremely happy!!! Thank you, Sylvan!! You are the best!!!" - Sue B., ACT Prep
"Very helpful, quick response from the management team. Very knowledgeable tutors that help my kids a lot. Overall, it is a good experience for us and very helpful for my kids when they need it." - Wakim A., SAT Prep
"Excellent teaching, friendly and prompt service, and kid friendly staff. Jessica and Nate are excellent administrators and teachers." - Harsha T., ACT Prep

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