Rise to the Challenge With IB Prep

So, your son or daughter is preparing for the future with an International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Congrats to your family on being part of such a respected program! Whether your teen is focused on earning an IB diploma, thriving in IB courses or excelling on IB exams, turn to Sylvan for IB Prep, and get ahead with this challenging curriculum.

With our IB Prep program, your teen will:

  • Feel challenged, yet engaged
    We’ll set up a custom IB Prep (or IB Test Prep) program to fit your teen’s skillset and individual needs. Our teachers are experts at motivating and inspiring advanced students.
  • Learn in the best way for him or her
    We tailor our one-on-one IB Prep sessions to the way your teen learns. This means we teach to your teen’s individual needs, so concepts really click.
  • Achieve greater success
    Our advanced tutoring support can make a significant impact in IB courses — from higher scores, to learning how to be successful in class.

Keep your student on the fast track! Reach out today to explore whether we can help your son or daughter achieve your IB Prep goals.

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How our IB Prep works

IB programs are not only academically challenging and time-consuming, but they also require your son or daughter to show initiative and think in different ways. This is exciting ... but also can be overwhelming!

Think of Sylvan as your support system. We’ll craft an IB Prep program to fit your teen’s exact needs and goals, so he or she can rise to the challenges ahead. Your teen may work one-on-one with one of our expert IB tutors to:

  • Hone essential IB skills through our proven mix of instruction and practice.
  • Build confidence on individual homework assignments.
  • Develop the skills to improve scores with test-taking strategies.
  • Learn how to become a more efficient and effective student with our advanced study skills.

Set your son or daughter up for success today

IB Prep is available in select Sylvan centers. Reach out today for the help to achieve your goals!

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