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Increase scores with

ACT® Test Prep

Watch ACT Scores Go Up and Stress Come Down

Your teen has big college dreams, but the competition to get into the best universities is fierce! If your teen’s ACT scores aren’t where they should be, your teen gets test day anxiety or you simply want to make the best impression with college admission teams, turn to Sylvan for our ACT prep program.

Our ACT prep program will help your teen manage the pressure, lower his or her stress level and raise those crucial test scores. Before you know it, you’ll be receiving messages from colleges and hearing your son or daughter say three magical words: “I got in!”

With ACT Test Prep, your son or daughter will:

  • Get results!
    Many of our students master the skills needed to raise their scores in as little as five to eight weeks.
  • Feel confident and prepared on test day
    We work on the whole student with a personalized lesson path. This means your teen not only learns exceptional test-taking strategies, but also masters the academic skills needed for test day (and for high school, college and beyond).
  • Improve individual skill areas that need a boost
    Unlike other test prep providers, we draw from our core-tutoring curriculum to help students target the skills and subjects that need the most work. It’s so much more than practice on worksheets! See other ways Sylvan compares.
  • Learn in ways that improve skill mastery
    Our ACT tutors teach to the way today’s kids learn, using a proven mix of face-to-face and online activities. We use technology in new and smart ways, so your future college student can achieve the best results. Plus, our practice tests get your teen ready for real-life test conditions.

We offer convenient sessions (afternoons, evenings and weekends), so your teen can prepare for the ACT no matter how busy his or her schedule is. Reach out today!

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Hear what other Sylvan families have to say about our ACT Prep Programs:

"We received my daughter's scores back from her ACT test and her scores improved by 3 points. I am thankful for the Sylvan ACT Prep class." 
- Chanel H. on ACT Prep

"You cannot get a better place for your kids' SAT & ACT prep. Their one-on-one attention to kids is unmatched." 
- Ayo T. on Test Prep

"We are very satisfied my daughter went from a 18 to 21 on her ACT; she was so happy!" 
- Christy M. on ACT Prep

"Kind and caring capable tutors. My daughter was actually able to learn from her tutor and enjoyed his sense of humor. Her ACT score came up 2 points." 
- Dawn G. on ACT Prep

Why our ACT Test Prep works

To raise your teen’s scores and confidence, we use a proven mix of in-center instruction, independent learning, online resources, and ACT practice tests.

This cohesive approach ensures that your teen learns the strategies to tackle each type of exam question (including the ACT Writing Test). In addition, your son or daughter can focus on specific skill areas that need improvement.

When you sign up for in-class ACT Test Prep, your teen can expect:

  • Guidance from expert ACT tutors who know the college entrance exams inside and out.
  • A personalized online lesson path for extra instruction and practice to improve the skills that need the most help.
  • Flexible, in-center hours to fit your teen’s busy schedule.

An added bonus: You get Sylvan Prep Online too!

One of the coolest parts of our full ACT prep program is Sylvan Prep Online — our personalized, online learning environment.

Your teen gains 24/7 access to:

  • Thousands of detailed video lessons on how to approach ACT test questions, so there aren’t any surprises on test day.
  • Subject-specific video lessons to help improve the biggest areas of need.
  • A vocabulary-building tool to conquer the extensive reading required on the ACT.
  • Full-length, timed practice tests to prepare for the pace and format of the ACT and build confidence for test day.

Take the ACT with confidence

Many Sylvan centers offer ACT prep. To find out if it’s available in your area, contact your local center.

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